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The exponential growth of the My Beautiful Home project means that our needs have proportionately grown too.  Here are ways in which you can help.

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The projects at My Beautiful Home are funded solely through public donations, sponsorships and grants with the support of an army of volunteers. It is only through these valuable contributions that we can continue to do our good work. 


We are often asked how people can contribute and below we offer suggestions.


See our Projects Page.


The provision of funds, especially from outside the country helps us make the necessary purchase of prizes and materials necessary for the success of our projects.

Donation contributions can be made by

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A number of supporters have created and held successful events, such as the craft fair held in 2020 by Southern Comfort Lodge , contributions from these events are then given to My Beautiful Home




We are very grateful to a swathe of commercial ventures who assist us with both financial contributions and donations of products. However, as the numbers of participants increase each year we are always in need of more sponsors. An example of things we need, sponsored transport for rural areas for judging and prize-givings, fuel to support the many trips we need to make, prizes, food, clothing, printing, data costs, website, administration and much more. If you are interested in participating as a sponsor please contact us for details of our tiered support program and the media coverage you can expect in return.

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